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Premium Quality Orchids at over 50% off!!
American Orchid Society(AOS) premium Phalaenopsis Orchids. Each of our orchids is individually
cared for. They have been treated for pests, algae, fungus, bacteria, and viruses using safe non-toxic chemicals.
We grow indoors under controlled conditions eliminating the problem that outside growers
have with pests and disease. From the plants we grow only the biggest and best with absolutely
no defects gets our A+ certification.

Click on all Underlined Blue text to view flower pictures.

1. Oriental Hybrid Lilly "Acapulco"

2. Grouped Phalaenopsis plants
3. More Phals

Now we have 5 inch to 7+ inch blooming size Phalaenopsis "MALIBU HEART" and "MALIBU CLASS"
orchids. With proper care they will stay bloomed for 2-3 months!

PHAL. MALIBU HEART          Cross= Phal. Glad Heart x Phal. Equestris
This produces blush tone flowers with white centers that have warm
pink rosy tones. Malibu Heart blooms in a 3" pot with Medium size
flowers and 6+ buds per spike. Equestris is a miniture white w/pink and
Glad Heart is a medium pink. Possible multi-branching.

PHAL. MALIBU CLASS          Cross = Phal. Prince Takamado x Phal. Be Tris
This is a pink all the way through with striping. This is similar to Heart but
will have 40% more flowers and blooms in a 4" pot. Be Tris is a miniature
pink multifloral that will give this plant flowers on multi-branches and
Prince Takamado is a medium white.
A+ quality plants = $10    each
Quality plants         = $7.50 each
Total shipping weight per plant is 1 lb. (Winter shipping at this time for plants is Fed Ex next day delivery only.)
Larger sizes sold first. All blooming size. Shipping Rates are calculated with the Fed Ex link at the bottom of the page.

(Please click on the below images to enlarge.)
Phal. Be Tris x Phal. Equestris
SM/16thW.O.C.AM/AOS (Miniature)

Phal. Prince Takamado
Our Condolences to the family of Prince Takamado who recently passed away.

The perfect gift for you or a loved one.
All plants shipped in 4" pot, with saucer, stake, label, moss, and care instructions.
All you need is tender loving care! Orchids make a perfect quality gift that will last for years.
Would you like a card from you for any occasion to be included too? Just request it.
We ship plants FedEx next day air and supplies(only) by priority mail.
We are breaking the barrier so anyone can afford and care for beautiful Phalaenopsis orchids.

Email address is
Please email us at for any questions or comments you might have.
We will sell you the orchids at over 50% off regular growers price and tell you how to care for them for years to come.

Need Supplies?
Superior quality sphagnum moss.
We have up to 7" strands long-fiber sphagnum moss at 2lbs. for $25
(This is great for wrapping roots.)
4" pots @ $.08 ea., 24" bamboo stakes @ $.08 ea.,...etc.
These prices are what other growers do not want you to know.
New orchids arriving monthly. Write for details!
This site last updated 1/10/03.

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